Please be kind. English is not my mother tongue, and I have only just started writing these short fictions here on my blog.

I also have a blog for short fictions in Swedish, which you can find here: Verklighetsflykt.


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  1. Hi Lena,

    These stories are wonderful to read – so soulful and genuine. They really resonate with heart. A Rare Specimen about the timid girl is so true of how insensitive education fails the needs of children who have tremendous potential. It is aptly named and very moving to read. The beach story is excellent, too. The analogy with love styles is perceptive and really piques the story with a surprise. I enjoyed them all very much, thank you! There is a poetic quality to your writing which makes especially beautiful reading and it is all the better for being so natural. It flows beautifully. It is a real gift, and amazing ability in a second language. Also, the photos are simply beautiful!

    I see our conversations have gained comments. Perhaps you might like to reply via the email below ? I can’t understand the tick box so have left it blank.

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    • Hi Barbara, I’m happy to se you here. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! These are my first attempts ever to write fiction in English. Not that I have done much of in my native toungue either. I do write from the heart, and I’m delighted to hear that it lands in the hearts of the readers, too. I’ll se if I can find your email here – I’m not used to WordPress myself. If I don’t I’ll get in touch with you on the course to exchange email addreesses.


  2. Du skriver underbart, trots att engelska inte är ditt modersmål så får du in en vacker nyans i dina ord. Jag ser fram emot att läsa mer. Även om min blogg inte handlar om mitt skrivande per se, så delar jag verkligen ditt intresse och det är så inspirerande att se dig utvecklas!

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    • Tack, snälla! Språk var ju verkligen min grej, men på grund av bland annat utmattningssyndrom upplever jag att jag fått svårigheter att uttrycka mig som jag inte haft förut. Bloggen tillkom därför att en person i Australien jag känner lite grann tyckte att jag borde skriva på engelska. Jag trodde inte jag skulle kunna skriva fiction, men jag bestämde mig för att prova i alla fall. Och på den vägen är det.

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