No way out

It was a glorious day. They weather was glorious, her hair was glorious. Everything seemed to be radiant. But was it really? Deep down she had a gnawing feeling of inadequacy and ineptitude. Did she really deserve this? Was she good enough? Everyone kept saying so, but her inner critic said otherwise. She was used to listening to herself. Her intuition, where other people were concerned, was almost impeccable.

Here, her inner voice said: ”I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve this.” Her thoughts and her emotions were at war. On a purely intellectual level, she knew she deserved every last bit of the glory, but her emotions listened only to her inner critic and kept pulling her down, down, down. It took her into the black mud of self-deprecating depression, where the sun did not shine and where there was no way out.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Glorious



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