Of course I was tempted. In my handbag I had the key to a safe, which I knew contained millions of dollars. My boss had entrusted it to me. Because he trusted me. Because he thought I was trustworthy. That, in turn, was the key to why I did not make a run for it and took the money.

My marriage was in shambles anyway; it was just a charade. And not a funny one either. For me it was more like living a nightmare every day. I wanted a divorce anyway and money was the one thing I needed to be able to divorce him, my tormentor.  Plus a fair amount of courage as well, of course.  He tortured me – not physically, though. But God knows that the mental part is even harder to withstand. He belittled me, and he gaslighted me. Everything was on his terms; he could not even stand it if I thought my own thoughts. He was always right, and I had to obey.

I wanted out while there was still a small part of me left that he had not taken over. If only my boss had told me in advance. I could have planned my escape in advance then. Where to go and what to do with the money. How to cover my tracks and pretend I was dead so my husband did not come after me.

But of course, in the end I did not want to let my boss down either. He entrusted millions of dollars with me. He trusted me, which meant he thought I was someone. I was a person to be trusted, a person with good character and judgment and not some worthless piece of crap.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Tempted



6 reaktioner på ”Tempted

  1. I find myself almost wishing you were that ”worthless peace of crap”, and had taken the money. What’s the use of being noble if you are unhappy?
    But in the end, the choice was right. Not having a clean conscience would perhaps have made you unable to enjoy your freedom.
    But I sense the temptation given the terrible situation the person is in.

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    • Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. It depends on the situation, and you always have to ask yourself ”For whom is it right?” And ”Will it be the right thing in the long run?”



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