What does your mother know?

”You always have such a radical view of things!” Her mother flung the words at her.

”So what if I do?” Mary never knew if her opinions were really her own, or if she had adopted them just because she knew her mother would hate them. It was the same even when she was buying clothes. She wanted to find a style of her own, but the fact was that she never knew whether se was still being influenced by her mother’s taste, it she really like them herself, or if the loved them because she knew her mother would detest them.

Those were the hazards of growing up with a narcissistic mother. There were more dangers, though, than the mere matter of taste and opinions.

”You’re just saying that because it’s the opposite of what I think.”

Mary was glad her mother had at least some insight, but she really suffered from a severe lack of self-knowledge. She could, for instance, not understand why Mary had developed the habit of opining the exact opposite of what she thought was right. But then of course you had to have grown up with a narcissistic parent to understand.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Radical




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