The last summer

She shivered. The last of the summer had gone, and there was only darkness ahead. She shivered, not because it was particularly cold yet, but because she was anticipating the endlessly long stretch of cold and darkness that lay ahead of her. And pain. The fact that this happened every year did not make it any easier on her. Her living space had shrunk seriously.

When she was younger she had thought, had hoped, that she would be able to increase her living space as she got older, but this was not the case. She knew most of the whys, but still. She could not accept it. It was not fair; she was not a bad person, and yet it felt as if she were in prison, punished for some crime she did not even know existed. Or was she just being punished for being her? She did not know any longer. It did not really matter.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Shiver


2 reaktioner på ”The last summer

  1. Life IS unfair, in both ways. We don’t get our deserts, it doesn’t seem to work that way. We are struck with fortunes or misfortunes and try to handle both but we didn’t voluntarily cause our misfortunes.
    Well may we shiver.
    Thank you ❤

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