Her safe haven

She had found a sanctuary in him. There was no other way to describe it. He was her safe haven. He totally accepted her the way she was, without wanting to change anything about her. He was actually even okay with things that bothered her, like her overweight and her crying fits. It was a completely new experience for her. She had never met anyone before who had not wanted to alter or even exterminate parts of her. All the times she had heard that she had bad taste in clothes and makeup, or that she was bad at maths, weighed heavily on her shoulders. She only just about managed to carry that burden every day without falling over. There had been no balance in her life. No yin and yang. Only the black without the little white spot in it.

Even though she loved every minute of their time together, she found it difficult to adjust to being wholeheartedly accepted. She just was not used to it, and somehow it make her criticise herself all the more harshly, her belief being that if someone loved her and totally accepted her, she had to be perfect to earn that love. That was what she had been led to believe earlier on in life. Had he come too late to rescue her or was there still time? She did not know. Only time would tell. Sometimes it made her think about all those videos on Youtube where you saw dogs who had been rescued. She certainly felt like one of those sick,  flee ridden dog, but it gave her hope because they were mostly able to adapt to their new situation. And they could learn to trust again.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Sanctuary



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