She slowly walked past the window and tried not to look. It was difficult, since she loved to take in the colours and shapess of new garments on display. Fashion did not really interest her and never had since she had left her teens behind; it was more as if she viewed the clothes as objects in a museum, not as old stuff but as something worthwhile looking at. But it was getting increasingly more difficult to allow herself to look not that she could not afford to buy anything. She dreamt of having enough money to – once again – buy something. At least one piece of clothing. A scarf at least. Or a pair of socks. Something new.

Her brain was bored to death with wearing the same clothes over and over again. She got depressed from boredom. It had always been like that. And the fact that her situation continually got worse did not help. People kept saying that money could not buy happiness. That may be true – if you had any money, that is. But when you had none, the lack of money surely made people unhappy. Most of her clothes were worn out, she could not pay her bills and she was very soon to be evicted from the poor excuse of a flat she was living in. It had nevertheless provided a roof over her head, and soon she would have to make do without it.

Some people blamed her for her circumstances. She blamed the government. Ten years ago she had been pretty well off, at least by her own standards. At least she had had a job. In fact, she had worked too hard. She burnt herself out. It was light blowing out a candle. In a matter of seconds all her strength had flowed out of her and had never returned. Neither brain nor body worked as they should, and after some time she was afflicted by more illnesses until, some days,  she could hardly even get out of bed in the morning. The government decided that it was the fault of the victims of illness. If they did not want to work, they would have no money. Had they never been struck by illness themselves, she wondered, or one of their loved ones? She wanted nothing more than to go back to the Life she had before, when she was able to work and not dependent on some vicious government who wanted to exterminate the likes of her.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Slowly



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