It was one of those really hot summer days, and she had agreed to meet a friend in the park in town. Driving down a slope, she left the white church behind her. Once she was on the road to town she became more alert. It was a tricky road. It appeared to be almost straight and equally almost straight, but she had learnt that it was not. The air was so hot above the road that it turned into an almost black fog. She had seen it before – on equally hot days.

However, when she got closer to where she had seen the black fog, she saw the outline of some cars. One stood across the ditch. The other stood in the middle of the road. It was still, too still. Two other cars had stopped and so did she. She had had some medical training in the air force, and she jumped out of the car to see if she could help.

Someone had already called for an ambulance, she was told. They had said not to move anyone. Still she went up to car number one, where a man was trying to calm down a small boy who was bleeding from his forehead. The driver, presumably the boy’s father, was dead, as was the driver of the other car, an elderly man.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Drive



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