Lingering emptiness

She hung up the phone. Had they really talked about anything of real consequence or had their conversation only been filled with empty phrases? She considered the different kinds of emptiness.

There is that emptiness that hopefully anticipates being filled with something meaningful. And there is the kind of emptiness you can sometimes stumble upon when you see something so beautiful that you stop in your tracks. Sometimes it can be achieved after a few days on a silent retreat.

But then there is the kind of emptiness that a meaningless conversation leaves behind. When you feel that the other person does not care one whit about you. They ask how you are, but they never listen you your answer – if they even so much as give you a chance to reply. They say all those empty phrases that really do not mean anything. They wish you well, but you get the feeling that they really do not care.

That was the lingering feeling of emptiness she felt after hanging up. It stayed with her the rest of the evening. Like a glass that needs refilling but remains empty. Or a slate that has been wiped clean but you desperately need it to convey a message. Like a friendless life.

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5 reaktioner på ”Lingering emptiness

  1. Oh my, such a beautiful text about something that is so present in life. Thank you. The emptiness after a conversation with a narcissist (as I believe you describe), is well known to me. But parallel to the emptiness you write about, the one that aches to be converted into something full, I sense the emptiness of the narcissist, how hollow. And with much less hope of ever feeling fulfilled, because they are not conscious of how they behave. They are ”simply” dysfunctional. They miss out on so much in life. We may long for their attention, feel the pain of being neglected. But being aware of this makes us able to enjoy the conversations that do confirm us, with people who do see us. The narcissist is forever alone. But maybe we are better off steering clear of them anyway. Sorry about the long comment.

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    • Thank you, my friend! You’re quite right, I’m describing the emptiness after talking to a narcissist. I do feel sorry for the narcissists – they will never feel satisfied; they can never get enough attention. They don’t know the difference between different kinds of conversation like we do. But spending time with narcissists can be almost lethal so I consciously try to limit the time I spend with a narcissist. I have experienced them too much already.


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