He had gone to the city for the day. He did not really want to, but his job demanded it. When he was younger, he had liked the city – it had made him feel alive – but now he failed to see how. These days it just made him feel older and more tired.

The city was like a disease. As soon as you arrived there, you started to walk faster, talk faster and run up and down the underground escalators. No one was immune, and there was not way to recover from the disease except leave the city. If you stayed there you would get contagious to others, and you would get impatient and angry. Everyone in the city was struck by this disease. They just did not know it. Only those who came there temporarily knew about it. The permanent residents could not see it. They did not know something was wrong.

He was not even late for the meeting, but still he could feel the quickening of his steps and the impatience rising in him – it was like a fever – and he felt an urge to turn back and take the next train home.

Inspired by The Daily Post: City



6 reaktioner på ”City

  1. Great piece! It’s very interesting, I kind of want to know more about what’s going on this particular city.

    I also don’t know if there’s a way to privately message you, I’m still learning wordpress, but you informed me about nominating me for a blog award, but I see the post you had before about it is gone… do I not participate in the award anymore?

    Gillad av 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s a made up city but could be any city really.
      Yes, please do participate in the blog award. But don’t feel that you have to. I accepted my award to begin with but realised that it takes quite a lot of time so I made mine an award free blog in the end.


      • You could probably expand it into a short story if you wanted! It’s so interesting.
        How do I go about it exactly? Is there something I have to follow? Is there a blog that highlights it and explains what to do with it? Do you know?

        Gillad av 1 person

      • I probably could, but at the moment I’m just writing these very short pieces of fiction.
        Absolutely, there are blogs explaining the Liebster award. Just google it and you will find information about it.


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