The point of simplicity

What human beings need is to find their way back to the point of simplicity, she thought to herself. They make even the simplest things complicated. Why? Because if they complicate things, they feel more intelligent. The more complicated, the more superior they feel. But there is nothing superior in stupidity. And above all there is nothing superior in being nasty to other people.

Being kind is simple, she pondered, while being vicious takes a lot of thought and energy. At point zero, the point of simplicity, one cannot help being nice. It takes no effort – a virtual energy-saving function. Maybe in the long run even life-saving. It would stop wars; it would stop people tearing at each others’ throats for no obvious reasons.

But how to achieve this? People seem to have been programmed to loathe, envy and hate each other. Brainwashed. Every day in media they are being fed stories of war and greed. How to counteract that? She would need to find help in starting a resistance. She could not do it by herself.

Inspired by The Daily Post:  Simplicity


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