He attacked her rather fiercely. Called her gullible and stupid. Naive and superstitious. He was arrogant, overconfident and self-righteous; he was so sure he was right. And yet, how could he be? His was just an opionion, a belief. He claimed that was the case with her, too, but no hers was an experience. It was not a thought, an opinion or an idea. It was faith based on an experience of God that could not be put into words. That was why she could never win an argument with him.

He argued from pure intellect. She could not argue because her experience defied words. She just tried to defend her right to her faith. Her right to have that faith respected even by atheists. They were always so darn sure they knew what it was she believed in. Yet, how could they, since she could not even put it into words herself.

Discussions with people of other faiths, or people full of doubts, were always more interesting and more fruitful. But atheists were mostly bullies, trying to bully people out of their faith. She never could figure out what made them so angry.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Angry



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