Grain of truth

”There is a grain of truth in everything you say. The thing is that truth might not always be what you think it is. This of it as a speck of dust; it can get into the most unlikely places, and even though in and of itself it is quite harmless, it may still cause unexpected harm. It’s the same with truth,” I said.

”You’re not making any sense.”

My friend looked at me as if I belonged in the nuthouse, and perhaps I did. I was not making much sense, and I know it was a roundabout way of phrasing it, but I wanted to explain to her once and for all why she could not continue doing what she did. She had a habit of always telling ”the truth” as she put it, which cause many people a lot of unnecessary harm. She had told med I was too fat, others that they wore ugly clothes and Another that she could not understand her choice of boyfriend.

”You know how you say you always tell the truth.” I tried again.

”Yes, I most certainly do. I would never lie.”

”Well, your opinion isn’t the truth, Margaret,” I said.

”Of course it is! If something is ugly, then it’s ugly and that’s the truth!”

I knew I was in for a tantrum. Adult tantrums are so much worse than children’s I always find so I usually tried to avoid it with all my might, but this time I was not going to stand down.

”That is not the truth, Margaret! It’s just your opinion. It’s a good an honorable thing to want to tell the truth, but don’t get it mixed up with your own opinion, and don’t always tell people your every thought. You’re hurting people; don’t you understand that?”

Inspired by The Daily Post: Grain




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