Just a phase

”It’s just a phase she’s going through. Get off her back and leave her alone for a bit.” Madeleine’s husband gave her a blank stare.

”Her behaviour is just not acceptable”, he said.

”Come on, she’s a teenager! Have you forgotten what it’s like, Alan?” She tried not to laugh. If she did, he would just be offended.

”My parents were strict, and it never hurt me none to learn good behaviour.”

They had had this conversation many times before. At this point she had to make a decision to either go on with the conversation and risk an extremely heated argument or to try to change the subject. She had had a tough day at work, and she regretted some of the things she had called her boss. All she wanted now was to eat in peace and quiet and then relax in front of the television. There was a film starting in five minutes.

”I’ve told her a million times. And still she…”

He was not going to let her drop the subject. The pause had not been enough. She should have tried to divert him. A heavy sigh was all she the answer she could give.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Phase



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