Two elegant women are strolling along the promenade. They both wear long, white dresses – haute couture of course – their glove-clad hands holding a parasol, each bending her head towards the other, deep in discussion.

”Did you hear at the ball that Jane has got engaged?” the blonde lady whispers so as not to be overheard.

”Yes.” The pale brunette replies. ”She’s marrying Richard, is she not? He’s the richest man in these three counties. She’s so lucky.”

”He is rich, that is true, but I do not think he is capable of loving anyone. He’s such a brute. Poor Jane, I feel quite sad for her.”

The two men in uniform, walking behind the ladies, catch snippets of their conversation. The tall man says:

”She probably thinks herself lucky, considering that her father lost almost everything.”

Inspired by The Daily Post: Stroll



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