Breach of Promise

It was a huge disappointment when I returned to the beach of my childhood. Then and there there were miles and miles of soft white sand, which never burnt the soles of your feet and which felt like almost like flour. There was a long row of small, different coloured huts where people changed into their bathing suits before getting into the teal coloured sea.

Have you ever noticed the different styles of getting into the water people have? Some people run as fast as they can and then throw themselves into the arms of the sea. And some walk very, very slowly, savouring each step. I wonder if it is somehow connected to how they react to love. Some throw themselves at the first person who seems to want them. Others proceed with caution, nevertheless enjoying each step of the way.

A beach of promise… A breach of promise… That’s what I thought when I saw the beach again. It had shrunk, but then again so had my heart.

Inspired by The Daily Post: Beach


6 reaktioner på ”Breach of Promise

  1. Thank you for a wistful, yet witty, text that touched my heart. I admire your style, and your English. Which language do you prefer to write in, English or Swedish?

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    • Thank you! Swedish is easier to write in a way because it’s my mother toungue, but I do enjoy writing in English as well because I feel it turns out somewhat differently. And I do need to practice my English.



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